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Find all type of sports jobs and internships in the sports and fitness industry

Find internships and job opportunities in marketing, sponsorship, sales, journalism, finance, HR or law.

Find jobs for personal trainers, fitness trainers, coaches, physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists or opportunities for players & athletes.

Grow your network and find new opportunities

Use our community to do business development taks, to offer & sell your services in sports, to connect with people of interest in your sporting discipline or develop your network of contacts in the industry.

Stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry

The best daily economic news in the sector thanks to our collaboration with 2PLAYBOOK. You will also be able to see and share your best moments and those of other users and organizations through posts and highlights that show your daily activity in your sport discipline.

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Boost your Career in the Sports Industry

Networking, Knowledge and Internships

Find all kinds of Masters, Courses and Undergraduate Programs related to sports to further develop your skills, improve your networking and access to an sports internship programs.

Programs in Management, Marketing, Communication. Journalism and Sports Law.
Programs in Physiotherapy, Training and Sports Nutrition.
Training in TAFAD, TSEAS and Coach and Sports Director courses.

Graduate Schools, Universities and Academic Organizations with Programs in the different areas of study in sports

Testimonials from people who have already used Impulsyn to find jobs in the sports industry.

  • Photo Katherine Sheppard

    Katherine Sheppard

    Project Manager Real Madrid Foundation Camps

    "I have been able to take an important step in my career in the sports industry thanks to Impulsyn. This app is a must-have tool for those looking to access different job opportunities in such a competitive industry."

  • Photo Sofía Madrigal

    Sofía Madrigal

    Production and Services Support at the Spanish Basketball Federation

    "Thanks to Impulsyn, today I can eventually say that I´m really excited with my job in the sports industry. Something that is not by chance, since, unlike the saturation and unspecificity that other professional social networks currently offer, this great team has managed to give us our own space to connect with other sports professionals. Which in my personal case, has already been successful, and for which I will always be grateful."

  • Photo Roger Prieto Fau

    Roger Prieto Fau

    Social & Paid Media Specialist at You First

    "My personal experience with Impulsyn started out of pure curiosity, creating a profile to see what the platform had to offer.

    Thanks to the notifications I received, I found out about several sports job offers in my sector, social media marketing, and now thanks to this I am working in a representation agency."

Testimonials from people who have already used Impulsyn to recruit talent in their sport discipline

  • Photo Natalia López-Maroto

    Natalia López-Maroto

    Marketing & Communications Manager at Anytime Fitness

    "Impulsyn has become a very important tool in our day-to-day business. As a franchise, we strive every day to offer more and better services to our franchisees: services that make their day-to-day life easier and that they can rely on with our support. As we know, our sector is complex when it comes to finding profiles that respond to our needs: sometimes because of its own shortcomings; other times because of the job specifications themselves. Impulsyn has helped us to find suitable profiles during various selection processes for our clubs and, due to its agility, its multi-channel approach, its support and its results, it has our unquestionable recommendation and our 100% backing for our network."

  • Photo Miguel Palencia

    Miguel Palencia

    Head of UAX Rafa Nadal School of Sport

    "For UAX Rafa Nadal School of Sport to collaborate with partners like Impulsyn is key to ensure the employability of our students and to meet the most up-to-date professional needs of the sports industry, both in management and health."

  • Photo Víctor Berenguer

    Víctor Berenguer

    Head of Sports Projects at Avanza Sports

    "Working with Impulsyn's platform and its team for the recruitment of specialized staff in the world of sports has been a pleasure and a success.

    We have managed to fill the available vacancies with profiles that perfectly fit our needs within the sports industry. The process of posting the job offer and assessing candidates has been practical, fast and easy so we will continue to count on them to offer our future available positions."