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Find internships and job opportunities in marketing, sponsorship, sales, journalism, finance, HR or law.

Find jobs for personal trainers, fitness trainers, coaches, physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists or opportunities for players & athletes.

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Use our community to do business development taks, to offer & sell your services in sports, to connect with people of interest in your sporting discipline or develop your network of contacts in the industry.

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The best daily economic news in the sector thanks to our collaboration with PALCO23. You will also be able to see and share your best moments and those of other users and organizations through posts and highlights that show your daily activity in your sport discipline.

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Networking, Knowledge and Internships

Find all kinds of Masters, Courses and Undergraduate Programs related to sports to further develop your skills, improve your networking and access to an sports internship programs.

Programs in Management, Marketing, Communication. Journalism and Sports Law.
Programs in Physiotherapy, Training and Sports Nutrition.
Training in TAFAD, TSEAS and Coach and Sports Director courses.

Graduate Schools, Universities and Academic Organizations with Programs in the different areas of study in sports