Develop your network

The Networking section

Your “Networking” section is located in your main menu where you can search, find and connect with other members of the sports industry who use Impulsyn.

You will also receive the contact requests from other users here.

How can you send messages to other users?

You will be able to send and receive messages from users you are connected to. In order to send a message to a user you are connected to, you can go to his/her profile and click on the “send message” button. 

If you have not connected with any user yet, you can send him/her a note in your contact request to let him/her know why you are connecting with him/her.

Accept or reject a contact request

You will be able to accept or decline contact requests. All contact requests will be sent to your “Networking” section. If you accept a contact request from another user, even if you have your account in private mode, they will be able to see your profile and all the posts you make on your wall. If you accept any contact request you can delete them again or directly block them so that they cannot have any access to you in Impulsyn.