Post highlights as user

How to post on your wall?

You can post on your wall whenever you want by clicking on the floating button in the app or in the box you will see in the web, both on your home page.

What content formats can you post on your wall?

You can share text, links, pictures, videos up to half a minute long and mention other users (with whom you are connected) and pages.

What content do we recommend you to post?

Impulsyn is a professional network with the aim of keep helping to professionalize the sports industry by creating many more opportunities for the entire sector. Depending on your role within the sport you can post many types of content. The important thing is that the content you post is related to your professional activity in sport and allows you to share everything you consider of interest to other users. For example, if you are an athlete you can upload videos and share your best moments in order to show your skills. If you work on the other hand in the corporate area of sports, as for example in marketing or sponsorship, you can post videos, pictures or links with news to websites with aspects that you want to highlight within your area of work.

Who is able to see the content in your wall?

All your posts will be stored in your profile. You can edit or delete them whenever you want. Your posts will appear also on the news feed of the users you are connected to. Depending on whether you have a public or private profile, more users will be able to view it.