Follow pages

The difference between “connect” and “follow”

In Impulsyn you can connect with users and follow pages

Can you send a message to an organization in the platform?

The answer is no, you can´t. You can visit the organization’s website, interact with their highlights and apply for the jobs they post where you can leave a message along with your job application or request information on some of their services such as academic programs related to sports, volunteering, events or mentoring.

How can you connect with an organization then?

The fastest way to connect with an organization is by clicking on their “follow” button, this way you will always be up to date with what is happening in that organization.

Also, we recommend you to connect or contact the people who work or represent an organization, remember that it is the people who make up any company or entity. It will be your fastest way to access them.

If this organization offers jobs, academic programs, volunteering or sports events & congresses you can request everything you need from the page of each service they posted.