The 3 types of pages you can create in Impulsyn

The difference between “user” and “page”

In order to create a page you must first create a user account at Impulsyn. From your user account you will be able to create an organization page.

How can you create a page?

You can create a page from your user account, on the web from your home section through your main menu and in the app by clicking on your profile icon located on the left side of your top menu, on your home page. Clicking on it will open a menu with different options, among them the one to create a page. Click on it and start filling in all the information about your organization.

What type of pages can you create?

At Impulsyn we want you as an organization to achieve all your goals within the sports industry, that’s why we allow you to create 3 types of pages:

1) Sports organization pages

2) Academic organization pages

3) Other types of pages

When you go to create each type of page you will find everything you can do from each of them.