The importance of completing your profile

What does completing your profile involve?

Completing your profile involves completing your “Experience” and “Education” sections. You also have a “Services” section where you can share all your service offerings in the sports industry according to specific categories. Don’t worry because if you don’t offer any services this section will not be seen by other users when they come to view your profile.

We also recommend you to start doing posts that will be accumulated in the “Highlights” section of your profile and will appear on the news feed of the users with whom you are connected, it will give you more visibility in the community.

Why is so important to complete your profile?

Completing your profile is important to make a good impression on the rest of the users. Your profile is your identity mark, where you can show what you do in the sports industry, where you can share your experience, your academic background, your professional services (if you offer them) and your best moments through posts (highlights). It is important that you have all this updated because you never know who may visit it and for what purpose. For example, many times other users will visit out of curiosity and other times because the other person is interested in collaborating with you on a project, offering you a new job opportunity, inviting you to an event, talking to you about the possibility of continuing your education or simply expanding their network of contacts in the sports industry.


How to complete your “Experience”

  • Log in to your profile and access your “Experience” section. Click on the editable one.
  • You will be able to add a new experience or edit an existing one that you have already created.
  • An experience can be a job or an activity that you have done by representing an organization (for instance if you are an athlete and you play for a club).
  • The experience will be used to show the rest of the members your career within sports.

How to complete your “Education”

  • Go to your profile and access your “Education” section. Click on the editable one.
  • You will be able to add a new educational experience or edit a current one you have already created.
  • An educational experience can be a degree, a master’s degree or any course you have taken. The other users will be able to see your education background and where you have studied

How to post “Services” as user

We remind you that this section is optional, if you do not offer any service and do not share anything this section will only be visible to you, and all the people who access your profile will not be able to see it.

If you want to post a service you simply access the section, share the service offer following each step and click on “post service”.  You will be able to connect with potential customers by chat on Impulsyn’s own network, phone, email or by redirecting all potential customers to an external website.