Who has seen your profile?

Where can you see who viewed your profile?

You can see who has viewed your profile from your home page or by clicking on the main menu in both web and app. Clicking on it will open a menu with different options, including who has viewed your profile.

What is the purpose of knowing who viewed your profile?

Knowing who viewed your profile is a very useful option to know the position or where do they work the users who has seeing your profile.

One of Impulsyn’s main objectives is to help you to start or continue developing your career in the sports industry, which is why we want to show you the importance of getting a good and big network that can help you achieve your goals in your sports career.

 Can I see all users who viewed my profile?

Yes, you will be able to see all the users who have viewed your profile and when they did it, all without any limit, although they will be all the users who have viewed your profile in the last 7 days.