Sports Jobs

Do you want to find a job in the sports industry? Then you just arrive in the right place. Impulsyn is the social network that we have launched to continue helping to professionalise this industry, and yes, we want to help you get internships and jobs in the world of sport at all levels, both corporate and sporting.

Jobs related to sports

Sports consists of two areas

  • The sports part, which includes players, athletes, coaches, trainers, monitors, personal trainers, physical trainers, nutritionists, sports psychologists and physiotherapists.
  • The corporate part wich consists of the areas in marketing, sponsorship, business development, journalism, legal, communication and HR.

There are many differences between these two areas, the two work practically independently and this “gap” between the two is what we want to unify at Impulsyn, we want both areas to coexist and be on the same platform, because they can help each other a lot. We are going to briefly explain the different jobs that you will be able to find in Impulsyn, all of them related to the world of sports.

If you are looking for sports jobs we strongly recommend you to visit our sports jobs section in Impulsyn, our professional network for the sports industry.

Jobs in sport for instructors, personal trainers, coordinators and managers in the fitness industry

These jobs are in the sporting side of sport. The requirements to access them are a degree in TAFAD or CAFyD. Also others such as degrees or masters in management of sports entities.

In the case of personal trainers, a personal training course certificate or NSCA is also required. In fact, there are many gyms and sports centres that rent space for personal trainers to give sessions to their clients.

If you are a personal trainer there are several opportunities of this type already available at Impulsyn, the activities of this type of employment in sports, especially for fitness instructors, are to teach directed activities: BodyPump, BodyCombat, Spinn, Gritt, etc…

Gyms, Organisations and Sports Centres that have already posted some of their sports jobs on Impulsyn

Sports Internships and First Jobs in Sports

Internships in sport are usually that first work experience in the world of sports. The sports industry is a very attractive sector and more and more people want to work in it. Not only that, an evolution is taking place where people are not only looking to do a master’s degree or a specialisation in different areas of the sector such as sports management, sports marketing, sports journalism, sports nutrition, sports law…. but they want to start studying all of this from minute one, i.e. right after finishing their school education. For example, it is becoming more and more common that there are people who do not want to wait for a general university degree, but want to study an undergraduate program or a degree in sports management or a degree in sports journalism from minute 1.

The problem nowadays is that there are not enough jobs for all those people, those jobs in sport have to be generated, and if that is achieved, we can say that an industry is starting to become more professional, that is, when more people work in it, when more resources are generated and, to sum up, when the GDP regarding sports of each country increases.

So, how do you get your internship in the sports industry? There is no single answer. The easiest and most practical way is that if you don’t already have experience and contacts in the sector, you should start by doing a university degree or a course related to the world of sports, according to your area and discipline of interest. All of these academic organisations have an internship programme to help their students make the leap into the ever complex and costly job market in the sports industry.

Other ways to get a sports internship

The most common way to apply to different sports internships is through different job search engines in sport and of course through Impulsyn where you already have different internship opportunities in different sports areas.

Regarding Impulsyn, unlike other search engines, you will not only find a job search engine, you will also find a platform where you can access different types of content in sports, where you can share your daily activity, connect with other users and interact with them, a network where we want to help you boost your career whether you belong to the sports or corporate area of our industry. Here are some of the academic organisations that already have a page on Impulsyn. All their students and many alumni already have access to all the internship and job offers in sport that are posted on our platform.

Corporate Sports Jobs

1) Sports Journalism & Communications Jobs

The requirements in order to access to them are generally at least ro have an undergraduate program in journalism & communication. In addition, there are numerous graduate and master’s degrees specialising in the world of sport that have job opportunities in different media in radio, press or television.

Sports journalism has evolved a lot in recent years. It is no longer only in traditional media such as press, radio or television, but with the digital era there are many sports journalism jobs that have been created in other types of companies such as digital platforms and OTTS such as DAZN or Footers.

2) Sports Marketing Jobs

Sports marketing is one of the most in-demand areas and one of the most interesting when looking for a job in the world of sport. However, marketing is a very broad term and nowadays there are many specialisations within the marketing department of any sports or sports-related organisation:

  • Social Media o Community manager
  • SEM Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Ads Specialist
  • Web
  • Mobile Apps
  • CRM
  • Email Marketing

And many more. Within the area of marketing, communication is generally found as just one more aspect. Marketing is basically “helping to sell more” and it has evolved so much in the last decade with the emergence of digital marketing that when we talk about working in this area we now find a huge range of possibilities.

3) Sports Management Jobs

This is one of the most misleading and confusing areas. Sport management is a very generic term. Sport management is, very briefly, the administration of all kinds of activities related to the world of sport but “managing” is such a broad term that it would cover any area of the organisation from marketing, finance, administration, human resources or legal.

When we hear people talk about sport management, we are talking about the complete management of an organisation and there are no specific positions within sport management, there are different areas such as those mentioned above. However, general management positions can be said to be dedicated to sport management, as they are job roles in sport that cover a wide range of departments within the sport organisation itself.

4) Sports Law Jobs

Law graduates with an interest in the sports industry usually aspire to develop their knowledge in the sports law field. Usually anyone interested in this area usually seeks access to firms such as Sportia Law, Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo Abogados, Baker & Mackeinzie, Tebas & Coiduras Sport La, Senn Ferrero Abogados, the Consejo Superior de Deportes, the Real Federación Española de Golf or the AFE (Asociación Española de Agentes de Futbolistas). There are many more companies and organisations, but this area, nowadays, is very employable and usually law graduates and professionals looking to specialise by broadening their area of knowledge in the sports sector, are the best candidates.

5) HR Jobs in Sports

In sports, attracting talent is a differentiating factor and there are tremendous selection processes for recruiting, especially when it comes to recruiting players, whatever the sporting discipline. There are many people and departments involved in the process of incorporating an athlete into a club or sporting entity.

Although on the more corporate side there are increasingly more elaborate processes when it comes to recruiting staff in sports organisations, such us a club, a federation, a league, a gym or a sports centre. In recent years, human resources departments have become increasingly professionalised, generally divided into 2 areas: recruitment & selection of personnel and internal training of current employees.

Athletic Sports Jobs

1) Jobs for Soccer Coaches and Basketball Coaches

At Impulsyn you will find coaching job offers, specially for football and basketball coaches, but over the next months we hope to be able to add different sports. All these coaching jobs to work in football, basketball or any other sport are jobs that already exist and that all clubs have to look for every year.

The challenge is that all these jobs are very contact-based and are generally not advertised on any platform. One of our challenges is to be able to give visibility to all these jobs so that more candidates and interested people can apply.

2) Sports Jobs for Physical Trainers

There are very similar to jobs for fitness trainers. These jobs exist but are not usually posted anywhere. Physical trainers are an essential part of the coaching staff of any team. They are responsible for all the physical planning for the season and for injury prevention and rehabilitation. At Impulsyn you can find physical trainer positions in football and basketball. The idea is to gradually open up to many more sports disciplines.

3) Sports Nutrition jobs

A position that did not even exist a few years ago is now essential in the vast majority of clubs. In professional clubs there is generally a department specialising in this area and in semi-professional or amateur clubs there is at least one nutrition manager who, although not full-time, has general functions throughout the structure of the club, supporting and advising the sports management and coaches of the different teams.

Nutrition is essential for an athlete to get the most out of his or her sporting performance and more and more professionals in this area are going to be needed to continue helping to professionalise the different sports and the performance of their athletes or players.

4) Sports Psychology Jobs

This is undoubtedly the area with the greatest potential for growth in different clubs and sports organisations. The mental aspect is always the main problem of failure, both at professional levels and in the youth categories of different clubs, especially in professional clubs, where every year there are cuts in which young players advance on their path to becoming professional athletes and many others (the vast majority) receive the first big setback in their lives.

Having professionals to help manage these first “failures” has become a matter of urgency in any professional or semi-professional club. It is no longer just about managing failures, it is about knowing how to manage the day to day, given that in competitive sport every week sportsmen and sportswomen are constantly experiencing favourable and unfavourable situations.

The psychology department or sports coaching in a club is becoming a very important figure in any structure or sports club, where it is not only a support for the athletes, but it has also been introduced for years the psychological work with the working staff of the club or sports organisation through individual and group sessions and different group dynamics.

5) Sports Physiotherapy Jobs

Sports physiotherapists are one of the most demanded areas for athletes or players in different clubs and academies. Jobs for sports physiotherapists can be offered by clubs, sports centres, sports clinics or gyms, but also by individual athletes.

Generally, professional athletes always have their own team in which the sports physiotherapist plays an important role. In addition, more and more athletes of all ages and their families are looking for close and reliable physiotherapists who can treat and advise them, both in their physical preparation and rest as well as when injuries arrive.

Organisations that have already posted in Impulsyn Jobs related to Sports

These are some of the organisations that have already posted internships, jobs and jobs related to the world of sport on Impulsyn.