Types of Physical Exercise

Everywhere we always hear that sports or any physical exercise can influence us in a positive way in many different aspects. In several scientific studies, results have  demonstrated the importance of sport or physical activity for mental, physical and psychological development.

Why is Physical Exercise good for your Health?

Practicing sports on a regular basis can allow you to gain endurance, muscle mass and flexibility. On the other hand, this can also help you prevent serious health problems, such as obesity or being overweight, knowing that nowadays the number of young people who are overweight is much higher than years before. Professional and amateur athletes know the importance of this side of the game and that is why an important part of budget and time is dedicated to this preparation. To be prepared in the best way and avoid injuries there are professionals for this area, who have to be prepared with the best knowledge to be ready for any situations that may arise and frequently they have to be updating their knowledge because this area is constantly improving.

Benefits from doing Physical Activities

When we think about the benefits of sports for health, most of the time we only think about the physical advantages which is often the most important thing, but at the same time sport or physical activity gives us many advantages not only for the body but also helps us mentally. This is why now I will present some of the physical and mental benefits for all people who regularly perform physical activity.

Health Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity

As we all know having a sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest health problems and this is because our body is made up to be in constant movement having in consideration that all our muscles always need activation to stay healthy and strong. Sport is a great help for our body since it benefits us in different ways such as: it helps us to improve our physical resistance and shape, it also contribute us to regulate our blood pressure and maintain a good bone density. In many cases athletes and athletic people perform exercises with the target of maintaining a good body weight and improving strength and muscle tone, at the same time they are strengthening their joints and flexibility. That is why it is always recommended to have a healthy routine with the supervision of a professional in the sector in order to prevent injuries and be healthy.

Mental Benefits of Physical Exercise

Many times we only think about the benefits of the physical aspect or form but the truth is that the benefits of sport and physical activity go far beyond, they can also help you at a mental level. It can help us in many aspects such as reducing anger, aggression and anxiety, at the same time it helps to increase self-esteem, and if you have depression it will surely help you to reduce it. In other cases many people have been helped to reduce tension and stress, which can contribute to relaxation and to have a better rest at night. In conclusion we can say that the mind and body are connected, because the benefits that sports can give us are not only physical, they go more than that.

The Importance of professionals in Physical Exercise and Health education

Nowadays we can find a  new labor market in which the demand for professionals in the area of physical activity or sports is growing, where all professionals must have extensive knowledge and surely the professional trained at the best level will be the one who finds more job opportunities. All professionals must have a broad knowledge of all sports disciplines but at the same time must have knowledge of nutrition, anatomy, sports physiology, therapies and many more disciplines to be able to solve any situation in which their clients find themselves. Due to the growth of this sector, globally trained professionals are demanded, that is why they are always looking for the best professionals and that requires an ambitious and passionate preparation. In Impulsyn you can find the best courses with the best professionals in the sector to achieve excellence in your sports training.

Difference between Personal Trainers and Athletic Trainers

The objectives of workouts are set by the user and depending on that a personalized training will be required for each different case. Most people get confused about the differences between a personal trainer and a athletic trainer, but there is a very marked difference between the two professionals.

  • To begin with, the physical trainer is the person who has a specialized training in a sport or discipline in which his role will be to achieve general objectives that most of the time will be in the elite or professional environment, trying to improve the qualities in the sport and achieve an improvement in performance.
  • And on the other hand we have the personal trainer whose specialty is physical conditioning, where he/she carries out a follow-up and personalized advice that aims to improve the client’s habits. In this way it has a much more individualized and closer role where it adapts to the lifestyle and its purpose is to ensure that users achieve the goals that were set at the beginning.
difference between personal trainer and athletic trainer

Personal Trainers

What is a Personal Trainer?

The personal trainer, more than a professional who is qualified for physical activity and exercise, is also a specialist in motivation, social relations and communication with the client. This profile personalizes an exercise routine for you, while motivating you to meet your individual goals, keeping in mind the physical characteristics and goals of your clients. This personalized training is very popular because it generates many benefits and satisfaction for the results, thanks to the personalized attention. There is a very close relationship between the trainer and the client to create a greater sympathy that generates confidence and motivation for the client. The personal trainer will also be the coordinator and the one who plans the whole process to achieve the goals, all this to create a healthy life without risk of any injury.

Goals of a Personal Trainer

This type of training, in order to achieve better results, uses technology, time and resources that the trainer can offer to reach the goals in the shortest time possible and in a safe and effective way. One of the main objectives of this type of service is to seek maximum efficiency in the process, effectiveness in the final result and on the other hand reduce safety risks. The work of the personal trainer is to evaluate the strengths, detect weaknesses and with all this information create a personalized plan, where they must follow up the client’s process every time.

What does Personal Training consist of?

Talking about the design of the training program, the personal trainer should have three main functions: to make an initial evaluation, to plan a training program and to make the necessary modifications and adjustments.

1) Make an initial evaluation

Make an inititial evaluation of the client to be able to see in which condition he/she is and which aspects can be improved,it is very important to know the starting point and to define an achievable objective and in which way we are going to achieve it.

2) Plan the Training

Then you should plan the training taking into account all the positive and negative aspects found in the initial assessment. Once the strengths and weaknesses are clear, you must decide how to achieve the objectives set, for this you must make a training plan and design it.

3) Make the necessary modifications and adjustments

And finally, with the passage of time, he/she must make the necessary modifications and adjustments in order to achieve the objectives set at the beginning. The trainer will make controls to the client so that he/she can plan and make the necessary adjustments, it also uses many statistical resources to keep track of client variables such as: heart rate, fat percentage and others. 

If all the steps mentioned above are followed correctly, you will be able to achieve your goals whether they are to improve your physical condition, respiratory capacity, cardiac capacity or your health in general.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Personal Training

In some people having a constant routine to do physical exercise is a problem, the lack of willpower is something that costs a lot and especially to beginners who are starting with sport. For this we recommend the help of a personal trainer, who will be in charge of giving you the necessary motivation. The personal trainer also has many other advantages such as encouraging their clients with a training program on a planification and this helps you to achieve results while making the best use of the time in the best way. Being a professional in the sector will be able to help with the technique of their clients to prevent any injury and do it in the safest way possible. With a training plan clients will be able to overcome all the barriers that they could not before and with the experience of this professional, in the future, clients will have their own tools necessary to be able to train on their own and design their own plans according to the needs without the need of having a personal trainer by their side.

It is true that the main problem with personal training can be the price as it is an additional service in the sports facility. And on the same way it should be taken into account that there may be a risk that the trainer does not have the necessary qualifications. There are all kinds of trainers with different backgrounds that in some cases is not enough. It is very important to know all the details of the training and experience of the trainer to hire him/her in order to make sure that he/she is the right one for this activity.

Physical Trainers

What is a Physical Trainer?

In the case of the physical trainer, he/she is specifically in charge of the athlete’s training, where his role is to keep them on the best possible physical level before, during and after the games throughout the season. He is also in charge of the recovery of players who have suffered some kind of injury, he will be in charge of the whole process during the injury and its recovery. In every teamsport, his/her main task will be to reach the players highest level physically with their previous plan. The players have strength, speed and many more skills but these will not be enough without the good preparation of this professional role.

The Physical Trainer job description

The functions of the physical trainer consist of testing all the players of the team, analyzing the evolution during each game before the season starts in order to be able to work more on those aspects during the preseason training sessions where the players will have more time to rest. In the training sessions the players will perform physical exercises designed by the physical trainers with the objective of increasing physical endurance, a very important aspect for the players in order to be able to make a difference with respect to the other teams. The physical trainer will also work on other aspects such as speed in order to know which players are capable of maintaining a good pace during the season.

Physical trainers customize their workouts for each player due to the different skills of each one, for this reason they do not follow a single structure, on the other hand their training plan has many variables. This is why there is a team of physical trainers to be able to customize the training for a specific group. In the case that the physical results are not as expected, the plan can vary to avoid a physical slump. The work of these professionals is also present at the end of the season, when they must check the physical condition of the players after a long period of matches to avoid serious injuries in the following season.

how to become a physical trainer
How to become a Physical Trainer?

To become a physical trainer, you must study the degree or undergraduate program related to Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and then follow a specialization that interests you. In this degree you will be trained to design training plans, nutrition plans and with knowledge about: Human biology, joints and movements, muscle system, nutrients, injury prevention and treatment, training customization , personal motivation and many more.

With all this you will be considered an expert in physical performance & exercise and you will also be able to analyze and improve all the strengths and weaknesses of players or clients.